High School Internship : Marketing Intern

Part-time | Pay: $0.00 | Schedule – M:Fr afterschool, on call and weekend as needed
Education: High School or equivalent (preferred)


We are the fastest growing global portfolio platform for high school students to :

  • Privately organize their experiences, achievements, sport and art portfolios and share custom views for your needs (yes to apply for jobs, internships, for private high schools and include your spikeview in college applications) – You will NEVER need a resume again!
  • Build a network with high-school class, teachers, mentors coaches
  • Find unique jobs, internships, scholarships, competitions etc.
  • Find global teammates for projects, competitions, or like-minded peers to start non-profits and global movements with
  • Share your business, non-profit, or causes with a global student audience and get the traction you need


Student Intern / Social Spreader

We are looking for an energetic and motivated student to join spikeview as a social spreader. If you’re an ambitious teenager who wants to use the power of the internet to reach the masses, then we want to hear from you. Your work will include creating videos for social platforms, monitoring social platforms, and conducting social platform analysis.

You will be working with a team of student interns, united in their efforts to increase awareness and adoption of spikeview. The successful candidate will have in-depth knowledge of social media platforms, especially TikTok and Instagram.

Your Interests Might Include :

Social media, marketing, communications, public relations, media production

Work You’ll Do :

Perform market analysis and research on the latest trends

Create and distribute videos that support marketing campaigns

Monitor multiple social media platforms supporting marketing campaigns

Help with the planning and virtual hosting of contests, giveaways, and special online events

Build awareness among your peers, school and community about the spikeview platform

Basics We Need :

Familiarity with social media platforms

Good understanding of TikTok and Instagram

Strong verbal and written communication skills

Comfortable making videos

Be an advocate and user of spikeview

Bonuses We Like :

Existing social media following

Familiarity with teen influencers

Interested! How Do I Apply ?

  • Go to spikeview.com or download the spikeview app from the app store
  • Create your digital portfolio – Include at least 7-10 experiences so we can get to know your background. Here are some things you can consider including: https://www.spikeview.com/students/
  • Create a 60 sec or less video marketing to your peers why the NEED to be on spikeview immediately
  • Share your spikeview profile and video at team@spikeview.com
  • Make sure to invite 10-15 of your friends so you can showcase your marketing approach to us

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment?

You will need to be available for 5-7/hrs per week.

What is the duration of internship?

Spring to Summer 2021. It can also continue during the academic year depending on your performance and availability.

Do I get paid for this internship?

No, its an unpaid educational internship.

Are there specific hours I will need to work?

No but we expect you to get your tasks done in a timely manner and attend all meetings.