What makes spikeview so important?

Student-Athlete Profile

Athletic directors and coaches want students to answer an important question: Who are you? Your spikeview illustrates your personality and performance on and off the field.

Sports Portfolio

Recruiting video, highlight reels, awards, internships - this is your opportunity to showcase your accomplishments and recommendations in one place. Use spikeview to tell memorable stories.

Play at the next level

Recruiters and coaches use spikeview to connect the dots in your life. Your spikeview elevates you from all the generic resumes and online portfolios. You are more than your athletic stats, and spikeview proves it.

Tour an athlete’s spikeview

Your spikeview is easy to set up, and you can always customize the content. Include as much information as you like. Just remember that recruiters are trying to get to know the person behind the paperwork. This is your chance to show the world that you are so much more than your athletic accomplishments.

Your winning portfolio

  • Recruiting video: Make a splash with your first impression. A written bio is important, but a video puts you in the same room with university officials.
  • Testimonials: Your coaches, trainers, and teachers are influential. Give them the opportunity to brag on you.
  • Highlight reels: Show your interests and accomplishments. Tell stories about your everyday life on and off the field.

Submit your spikeview to universities

Share, share, share.

You’ve created a winning portfolio that shows recruiters the soul behind the stats. Now share your spikeview link far and wide.

  • Login to your spikeview and generate a custom sharing link of your portfolio for coaches and athletic directors.
  • Use your custom link in online recruitment forms.
  • Use your custom link in emails to coaches and recruiters.

When you email coaches, remind them of the importance of your spikeview. Include a message like this: “I realize you need to know the type of person I am when you’re deciding if I’m a good fit for the team. I’m including a link to my spikeview, which gives a 360-degree view of my everyday life.”

Remember, coaches are looking for recruits, but they may not get back to you right away

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