top ten tips for job interviews
March 15, 2023

10 Tips for Your Job Interview

Summer internships are competitive, so there’s usually an interview involved. Here are some tips to present yourself well. Let’s get you hired! Dress appropriately: First impressions …

get a summer internship
February 8, 2023

Yes, you NEED to find a summer internship!

As a teenager, you may not fully understand the importance of finding summer internships that align with your potential career path. It’s easy to get caught …

college doesn't just happen
December 21, 2022

Tips for high school sophomores & juniors thinking ahead to college

Plan ahead, because getting into college doesn’t happen by accident! High school sophomores and juniors, you have no idea how fast time flies as you approach …

November 23, 2022

College application tips for homeschoolers

“Write a killer essay.” “Nail the opening sentence.” “Help them get to know you.” You’ve heard these pointers (we hope!) related to college applications. But what …

November 2, 2022

Internships are gaining popularity during high school years

The word is out – high school internships are a big deal! College and career counselors regularly implore high school students to pursue internships for a …

choosing a career path for teens
October 26, 2022

Simple steps to choosing a career path

How to choose a career path as a teenager Most of us go through an emotional ringer during high school years. The transition from child to …

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October 12, 2022

Tips for getting college scholarships in 2023

How to get yourself college scholarships Can you believe students miss out on $100 million in free money every single year?! That’s right, free money. You’ve …

What do I need to know to become an entrepreneur
September 28, 2022

Business owners share tips for young entrepreneurs

Small businesses account for 99.7% of all businesses in the United States. Pretty wild, right? If you’re thinking about going into business for yourself, then you …

time management tips for high school students
September 21, 2022

Time management tips for high school students

You’re in the groove of a new school year, and it’s a busy time whether you’re a freshman or senior. Of course each grade brings its …

which college door is right for you
September 14, 2022

Things to think about when picking a college

As high school sophomores and juniors are starting up the school year thinking ahead to life after graduation. Teens have busy schedules, so the next year …