A student portfolio platform with data privacy as a core tenet. Spikeview allows for easy organization of a digital portfolio; organizing a wide range of experiences and achievements to illustrate a student’s unique interests and goals. The profile is private, and the data can only be accessed if shared by the student or their parent. Spikeview also offers the ability to discover unique college programs, internships, and experiences that align with a student’s interests. Students can build, maintain, and nurture an active network of teammates, advisors, and mentors as they move from one activity to another. They can create group and online communities, and take on leadership roles in them. Once the data is organized, it can be leveraged for your college application process by connecting with colleges, so you can learn more about their programs and engage with them to find the best fit for you.
Middle and high-school students and their parents are looking for a platform to organize their data privately. It is also for sharing custom views as needed, to access scarce and coveted opportunities.
Students need a desirable online presence BEYOND their SOCIAL interactions with friends, that more purposefully articulates their experiences and their journey. The spikeview tool also helps students create a roadmap of courses and extracurriculars to consider in middle and high school, simplify engagement with college admissions counselors, get easy access to competitive programs and classes, and have data-driven conversations with parents, educators, and mentors. The tool will also help you get discovered by your dream colleges and universities.
Anything that demonstrates your character, passion, experiences, accomplishments, and interests is all fair game to put in your “Story.” Get creative and put as many nice photos and descriptions as you can. NO experience is too big or small to include–from a family cooking memory, to international level awards. If in doubt, put it in, and you can always filter out content when sharing customized views with others.
Our Privacy Promise Is Very SimpleYou will own your data. If you're under 13, your parents will be involved in every decision about connections, group membership, and account oversight. We will NOT sell your data or provide it to anyone you have not chosen to connect with. You share only what you want, with whom you want, when you want.
We have 3. Students, Parents, and Partners.


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