May, 2022

15 ways musical talent pays for college
May 31, 2022

Use your musical talent to pay for college

15 ways music pays the bills To say “college is expensive” is putting it mildly. Tuition, housing, transportation, books, meal plans, sports tickets, and other fees …

get better answering
May 26, 2022

5 ways to get better responding to “tell me about yourself”

We’ve had some good questions recently from spikeview’s student community that relate to pitching yourself. Heading into summer, job interviews are top of mind for most …

make a little library of personal stories
May 24, 2022

Make a little library of personal stories BEFORE your job interview

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.Seneca Spend any amount of time looking for job interview tips, and you’ll see the very first thing an …

set up your portfolio for high school internships
May 11, 2022

Set up your portfolio for high school internship applications

More career changes means more reasons to keep an updated portfolio Millennials and Gen Z both get a lot of media attention for job-hopping and career …

NIL is a game changer because students of all skills get paid
May 3, 2022

NIL is a game changer for student-athletes

What’s all the NIL fuss about? College and high school sports may never be the same. Student athletes are getting compensated in small and large ways …