May, 2020

May 29, 2020

How to get into Stanford.

Let’s face it – you probably shouldn’t bother. Stanford is not for everyone. Not just that it is hard to get into – which itmost certainly …

May 29, 2020

Fragmentation of the College Admissions Process

Organize Your Data! If you’re a parent of a high school aged student, you know the drill. AP courses, SAT subject tests, ACT prep courses, oboe …

May 29, 2020

High Schoolers getting a “Gap Year”? College Application preparedness in the age of COVID.

Contagion. Outbreak. Containment. Viral. The Hot Zone. Not just movies any more, these are the realities on the ground (or soon to be) for most of …

May 29, 2020

College Admissions And Data Privacy

It’s no secret that our online activity and personal information are closely monitored, the data mined and collated for marketing purposes. Just look at the creepy …