September, 2021

career ideas for creative writers and authors
September 29, 2021

Career ideas for writers (books, blogging, and more!)

It’s amazing that creative writing is still considered a pointless career path. As technology improves and the internet expands, so do opportunities for writers. In fact, …

5 not-so-obvious career ideas for performing artists
September 27, 2021

Five career ideas for performing artists

You do not need to be a starving artist! The career opportunities related to performing arts are vast. One of the joys of the internet is …

choosing the right (and right number) of colleges to apply to
September 24, 2021

Applying to the right college or university

How do I choose the right colleges to apply to? This is one of the first questions teenagers ask after they’ve made the decision to pursue …

college application checklist
September 20, 2021

College application checklist for high school students

The college application process can feel overwhelming, especially if you wait until a few weeks before deadlines. Checklists are a proven tool for reaching your goals quicker, so we’ve put together this reference of four things you need to do during high school before submitting college applications.