June, 2021

5 ways your family gives away personal data
June 25, 2021

5 ways your data is collected (and sold)

Ordinary life is full of contradictions. We humans are not nearly as rational as we like to think, as behaviorists have long pointed out. One daily …

storytelling in your interviews
June 23, 2021

Storytelling is the secret to successful interviews

Face-to-face interviews can be intimidating when the person you want to impress opens the meeting with “Tell me about yourself.” Of course you’re expecting them to …

tips for project-based learning in the summer
June 21, 2021

Tips for managing project-based learning in the summer

Project-based learning is a form of education that resembles life in the real world, rather than a closed-off schoolroom. Students are asked to develop an original …

why you need a sports portfolio
June 18, 2021

Here’s why student athletes need a sports portfolio

I’m sure you’re thrilled to be getting back on courts and fields after all the school closures, but a big challenge remains. It’s getting harder each …

high school juniors can make the most of summer vacation
June 16, 2021

6 ways high school juniors can make the most of summer

For high school juniors, summer vacation is the last big chunk of time to focus solely on their interests, hobbies, passions, career pursuits, and personal growth …

is your child on path to artistic career
June 14, 2021

Low-stress ways to figure out if your child might have an artistic life ahead

Toddlers are fearless artists and every surface in their little world is a canvas. Living room walls, couches, clothes, and faces – applications are plentiful. Little …

saved the whales
June 11, 2021

If your kids saved the whales and no one saw, did it really happen?

The job market is begging for STEM skills. Students who lay a foundation with science, technology, engineering, and math skills are headed for rewarding career opportunities.  …

stop using resume templates
June 9, 2021

Stop using resume templates and start doing this

Career advisors tell you to expect to spend 6-8 hours writing and editing a resume. That’s not a CEO-level time investment, that’s the expectation for an …

hiring managers can stop gambling
June 7, 2021

Hiring teenage interns doesn’t need to be a gamble

Companies throw away money every spring when they recruit teenagers for internships. Hiring managers, you don’t need to gamble! Each new job listing brings hundreds of …

5 tips to master online summer school
June 4, 2021

5 tips to study better during online summer school

The COVID pandemic closed over 124,000 public schools across North America, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. As a result, schools suddenly shifted to …