10 ways to earn some side money in performing arts

June 2, 2022

Performing arts pursuits are beneficial, whether or not they become your primary income. Don’t let someone get you down by saying “it’s just a side gig.” Earning some side money doing something you love sounds pretty great! 

57 million people are part of the gig economy in the United States!

The creative life is rewarding for the performers and the audience. Gig economy opportunities related to performing arts are vast, thanks to the internet. Open a browser and see opportunities around the world, along with evidence of other successful young people.

On and off stage, here are 10 ways to earn side money in the performing arts!

Summer is here, and most students are trying to lock up some part-time jobs and internships. Have you considered exploring work in the performing arts industry? 

<1> Event photographer

Believe it or not, many professional photographers got their start by shooting local events. Reach out to local event planners and venues. They often hire their own photographers to capture the magic.

<2> Stage designer

Are you trying to decide between a career in architecture and construction management, but you just love the performing arts? Combine all three by designing stage sets.

<3> Wedding DJ

It takes a special person to be a successful DJ. You’ve got to be really prepared, flexible, and invisible. The day isn’t about you, but your invisible performance can make memories last forever!

<4> Hair & makeup artist

You don’t even need a full-scale high school musical situation! Health and beauty products are always looking for young people to be ambassadors of their products. 

<5> Guitar teacher

Ever since the 70s, the guitar has been one of the most popular instruments people want to learn. If you’ve mastered the basics and have a solid internet connection, start teaching online.

<6> Art center casting

Local art centers put on shows with local performers. They’re constantly making casting calls for a wide range of parts.

<7> Concert hall marketing

Every venue needs a social media presence. Even if you’re still in high school, you probably have internet savvy to offer concert halls. They need to sell tickets, and you can help!

<8> Session drummer

Forget about crazy time signatures and double bass fills. If you have great timing, a great feel, and can adapt to a variety of styles, the studio may be your cash machine.

<9> Studio engineer

Engineers ensure the sound quality of recorded music is consistent and well-mixed. They’re the unsung heroes of the music business.

<10> Voice actor 

Podcast commercials, video game characters, audiobooks, explainer videos on YouTube… there are a ton of jobs for the right voices.

Stand out from the crowd of performers!

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