3 easy steps to an empowered student body

October 25, 2021

High schools all over the world are using the FREE spikeview platform to support their students. 

It’s the fastest-growing platform to privately organize personal projects and experience. We’re empowering teens to leverage their personal stories to get a competitive edge.

Students are using spikeview to:

  • build an impressive portfolio to share with employers and college admissions,
  • track and showcase competencies,
  • demonstrate intellectual vitality,
  • discover unique opportunities, and
  • nurture an early network of peers and mentors.

School staff are excited about adopting the spikeview platform because it helps them be more efficient in their college and career guidance. It’s a self-service platform that the students use privately, so there’s no integration with school software or databases. Advisors merely open a link shared by a student. 

support your high school students with spikeview

3 easy steps is all it takes to get spikeview rolled out in your high school 

We find that most high schools roll out spikeview in less than three hours. 

Step 1 

Identify an internal point of contact or champion to set up a kickoff meeting with the spikeview team. The total time commitment is 1.5 hours.

Step 2 

Use the email template, user guide, and tutorial guide provided by spikeview to inform your students of the platform and to encourage them to build a portfolio. Students can quickly create an account from the web or app.

Step 3

Periodically check in with students in homeroom, advisory meetings, college or career counseling, or any such place where students meet. Staff will have a one-click view into a well-organized student portfolio.

The platform is having an immediate impact with students

Peter is a high school teacher with an emphasis on business education. Here he is describing how his students are using spikeview to get a competitive edge.

Take a look at a sample spikeview portfolio

Basic tutorial for high school students

This short video gives a brief introduction to the spikeview platform and highlights the key features.