5 personal stories about how having a mentor was life-changing

June 16, 2022

You may have read our 21 questions to ask your mentor, and thought, “how important is this really?” 

It’s hard to overstate the importance of mentorship at every stage of a person’s life. Whether you’re in high school, college, trade school, or out in the workforce, having a mentor is a key to success. We’ll go the extra step and say a mentor can change your life for the better!

We could write stories about people reflecting on the profound impact of mentors, but why not let some people speak for themselves? 

Here are five stories about how having a mentor changed a person’s life!

[1] Danielle

Danielle Daniel’s life changed when she met her “Big Sister” Penny at age 13.  Her story is many kid’s story at Big Brothers Big Sisters. 

[2] Brian

Dr. Brian Wang says mentorship is the secret to unlocking the maximum human potential. We are the product of everything that has come before us.

[3] Emily

This podcast episode covers basic practices to bring into your life, where you can find mentors, and a funny story of how Emily met one of her employees.

[4] Jonathan

Jonathan Santana says the potential of what can come from the right message at the right time is limitless. 

[5] Enrique

Enrique is a young man who talks about life lessons he learned from his mentor that changed his life.