Career ideas for writers (books, blogging, and more!)

September 29, 2021

It’s amazing that creative writing is still considered a pointless career path. As technology improves and the internet expands, so do opportunities for writers. In fact, writing is far more accessible than say medicine or law. 

Many successful authors began their journey through blogging or writing fan fiction. The internet opens paths of opportunities to people of all ages – yes, even teenagers.  You can make a living with your words.

Do yourself a favor and consider these career opportunities for writers.

  1. Novelist. Self-publishing books is as easy as posting on social media. You don’t need a literary agent and you don’t need permission. Write, publish, repeat.
  2. Ghostwriter. Another profession that’s been around for ages. Athletes and politicians often have stories to tell, but words fail them. They need you to be an invisible author.
  3. Songwriter. It’s common for musicians to outsource the lyricist role. Bernie Taupin became a legend in the music industry, writing tons of hit songs for other artists. 
  4. Blogger. There are many ways to monetize a blog. One example is publishing serial fiction on Substack to paying customers.
  5. Social media marketer. Small businesses need help crafting advertising campaigns, contests, and regular posting. Each platform has its own nuance, but all require good writing.
  6. Greeting card writer. If you have a knack for poetry and wit, this could be a great option for you. Similar to books, there are outlets to self-publish cards.
  7. Product copywriter. Someone has to write all that mumbo jumbo in your iPhone manual. Whether it’s printed on paper or online, physical products come with instructions.
  8. Translator. If you’re fluent in multiple languages, this could be an easy win for you. Companies pay translators to edit content because they can’t rely on search engine translator
  9. Executive assistant. Business managers often hire assistants who are capable of writing meeting minutes, staff reports, and technical reports. 
  10. Marketing coordinator. Companies that offer professional services need staff who can write clear and compelling proposals. Can you hook a reader and keep them interested?
  11. Grant proposal writer. Local governments, universities, and nonprofits are constantly applying for grants to fund all types of community projects. This is ideal for freelance writers.
  12. Video game writer. Gaming has become more interactive and dynamic. Storylines are layered and compelling. Just like movies, writers are behind those scripts.

How do I find these jobs for writers?

Don’t waste your time on a resume. As useless as resumes are for seasoned professionals, they’re even worse for emerging talent. You can’t demonstrate your interests and skills in a boring PDF.

do hiring managers care about a resume

Besides, fans want to know all about an artist. What motivates you? Why are you compelled to write? What do you do in your free time?

Teens are finding success using spikeview, because it gives their full personal story. After you think through which of the writing careers above fits your interests, send your spikeview link to employers. One click and they’ll know what you’re all about.

If you’re applying to colleges, add your spikeview link as “additional information” in the Common App, or “supplemental information” in other applications.

Find mentors who are earning a living writing

Established creatives love helping emerging writers. There’s a steady flow of opportunities specifically for teens on spikeview. Mentors are just a few clicks away. The more writing experiences you add to your spikeview, the more opportunities you’ll unlock.

It’s also encouraging to listen to famous authors talk about their paths to success. Evan Carmichael is the author of a book about creating a business and life that matter. He put together a helpful YouTube compilation of advice about making it as a writer.