Spotlight: creative teen is growing a hobby into a business

July 5, 2021

Shrobana is a high school student who finds joy in arts and crafts.

Phone cases, friendship bracelets, greeting cards, home decor – you name it! Her love of design led her to create a business called Meraki-X. Meraki is a word Greeks use to describe an act performed with soul, creativity, or love.

Last Fall, Shrobana channeled her Meraki to a special project with a nonprofit called Sunday Friends. Their mission is to support families struggling in poverty. One of the big needs facing low-income communities is access to computers. This was especially crucial during the 2020 lockdowns when education moved online.

Shrobana is a high school student using spikeview to expand her baking side hustle into a business

Shrobana collaborated with Sunday Friends to help bring technology to underprivileged households through a fundraising campaign. Her goal was to raise enough money to purchase 50 laptops for 50 families.

This is where Shrobana’s Meraki came to the surface. She decided to sell baked goods as a way to raise money. She pushed herself in the process, deciding on handmade macarons as the product to bake and sell. No easy task!

“I’ve been volunteering with the Sunday Friends since middle school and I’ve seen upfront all the good work they’ve been doing for these families. I knew macarons were known to be very difficult to make, so I kind of took it up as a challenge.”


The fundraiser was a wild success. Shrobana was able to raise enough money to donate computers to families in need. The whole process also gave her a chance to exercise entrepreneur muscles.

It is possible to have a creative lifestyle!

Earlier this year, Shrobana started using spikeview to expand her business. Teens, if you’re looking for business ideas that work from home, pay attention to Shrobana!

She’s able to find motivated teens interested in working for her, and she has access to small business mentors and advisors. Check out Shrobana’s spikeview to learn more about her design, writing, and baking related to creative living. It’s the ideal way for young entrepreneurs to consolidate their data in one easy-to-access hub.

The marketplace on spikeview is perfect for budding entrepreneurs. It’s the place for you to supercharge your outreach and marketing efforts to young people. Set up your free small business account here.


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