How high school administrators can encourage & empower students during unpredictable school years

August 18, 2021

Blogs and social media are flooded with back-to-school tips for students and parents. But what about the educators? They’re getting ready for another unpredictable school year. 

High school administration offices will have a harder job than normal, adapting on the fly to classroom expectations, health policies, and inquisitive parents. But like any other year, the administrators want to encourage and empower students. Do you work in a high school office? This post is for you!

While teachers are leading students through focused curriculum, your role as an administrator involves maintaining a big picture view of your school’s mission. As students grow, you want them to discover and embrace what makes them unique. 

A lot of high schools have added programs for resume building and cover letter writing. The problem is, those forms train teens to standardize and conform. Many schools don’t know of any alternative, so they continue to incorporate tools that don’t help young people identify what makes them unique. It’s a huge problem and students are missing out on living up to their potential.

We understand your staff is stretched thin as it is, and it’s a hassle to integrate more software programs and download more apps. The spikeview platform was made to empower students to develop their personal narrative while organizing their life experiences. 

We’re an online portfolio tool that students use themselves. It’s completely self-guided, so they can easily share a link with educators for feedback and advice. 

spikeview makes the administrative role more efficient by putting all a student's data in one online hub

By making spikeview a separate and secure platform, we’ve made your administrative role more efficient. You don’t have to sort through files and paperwork – just open a link shared by a student. 

The comprehensive portfolio helps your students demonstrate everything they have to offer the world. It catalogs interests, experiences, references, and more. It’s completely free for schools and students, and meets all current privacy rules and regulations. 

Young people need a way to feel good about themselves at the start of their journey. Storytelling and portfolio building needs to be part of a student’s life. We’re here to help make that happen

This new school year will have twists and turns, but celebrating your students’ individual journeys can be a clear and straight path.