How student-athletes are earning money in 2022

March 7, 2022

All NCAA D1, D2, and D3 athletes can be compensated for their name, image, and likeness (NIL). This is not a drill, it’s time to earn some money! 

Back in 2014, ABC News reported that corporations spent $4 billion on user-generated advertising, and they expect that number to be $8 million in 2024. Some of the biggest contracts being awarded to athletes aren’t necessarily household names, like an SEC starting quarterback. 

Sisters Haley and Hanna Cavinder play basketball at Fresno State, and have used their Instagram and TikTok fame to land deals with Six Star Pro Nutrition and Boost Mobile. Brigham Young University has a branding deal that enables all female athletes to earn $3,000 per semester

“We can’t play forever and we have to have something to fall back on. The ball stops bouncing at some point,” North Carolina sophomore basketball player Deja Kelly told The Associated Press. 

NIL has incredible potential. All the more reason for student-athletes to use spikeview to document their skills and demonstrate their marketability.

7 ways student-athletes can earn money, thanks to NIL

It hasn’t even been a year since the new NCAA rules allowed students to get paid for promotions and marketing campaigns. But it’s safe to bet that payday ideas will expand the more people put their minds to it. Here are some of the ways student-athletes are earning money already.

  1. Autographs. As simple as it sounds. Fans pay for signed memorabilia.
  2. Social media posts. Creating original content or sharing branded content. The larger the following, the bigger the payday.
  3. Appearances. Local fairs and special events pay celebrities, and that includes hometown athletes.
  4. Licensing. Wear or use a specific brand and not its competitors for a period of time.
  5. Spokesperson. Speak on behalf of a company for commercials, special events, and more.
  6. Tutoring. Teach clinics or private lessons.
  7. Speaking. Keynotes, local events, and more.

Every student-athlete needs a portfolio

As exciting as NIL is, remember a strong portfolio is the starting point. No matter how long you play sports, your personal stories will continue to open doors. 

How’s your spikeview portfolio looking?