How to get started on spikeview

October 1, 2021

Personal branding is another way of saying “own your narrative.”

When you’re 10-years old, there’s no pressure when an adult says “tell me about yourself.” When you’re 17, and you’re facing a college admissions board, there’s incredible pressure!

That’s where personal branding comes in. Every one of us needs to be ready to talk about our interests and experiences in a way that’s memorable. The spikeview platform was designed to help you develop your narrative, build a network, and help get the opportunities that fit you best! 

Once your spikeview profile is set up, share it…

  • with your teachers to get some recommendations,
  • with employers when applying for a job,
  • as a link in your college applications,
  • or with other teenagers to build teams to collaborate on projects.

Your spikeview is your unique online fingerprint, so keep it current and add as many experiences as you can. This is how you stand out for jobs, colleges, and other opportunities.

Here are some quick pointers to get you started on spikeview.

You can create a spikeview profile here or on the mobile app (iOS and Android). Here are some tips to get you started.

After you submit your email address and enter some basic information, you’ll see your profile page. First, upload a profile picture. Make sure it’s good quality. First impressions are important, so make it clear and in focus. You can also upload a customized background image that fits your personality. 

spikeview profile and summary

My summary

My summary is a short, clear, and memorable bio. You only need a few sentences here, but make it count. Use strong words and short sentences. Imagine this being printed on an advertisement.

My story

My story is a visual chart of all the experiences you have listed in your profile. It’s generated automatically and changes every time you add or modify experiences.

You’ll want to add 7-10 experiences at a minimum. Include anything you’re proud of:

  • designing a t-shirt, 
  • mowing lawns in the neighborhood, 
  • uploading your first song to the internet, 
  • the odd jobs you do around the house to help out, 
  • your creative work on YouTube or another social platform, 
  • the clubs you’re part of at school, or 
  • that business you started as a side hustle. 

Tap or click ADD TO STORY. You’ll see 5 categories for things you’re involved in. From here, just follow the prompts. Be sure to include media files and links to news coverage whenever possible. External links are fine, but you should also upload your relevant photos and videos to make the profile personal and more engaging. 

Take this same approach in each of the categories: Academic, Vocational, Arts, Sports, Life Experiences. Select a category and follow the prompts. You can list multiple experiences in each category.

If you’re an artist or athlete, you’re going to love the portfolio features in spikeview. Under sports, the Add Portfolio button brings up a section focused entirely on your athletic life. College coaches use spikeview to evaluate student-athletes, so make your portfolio as complete as possible.

Introductory video

The introductory video is your elevator pitch. Imagine you had less than a minute with a college admissions officer at your dream school, or less than a minute with a hiring manager at an amazing company. What would you want them to know about you?

My education

To update your education, tap the plus sign and follow the prompts. 

spikeview - my education and test scores

My test scores

My Test Scores can be shared or kept private. That’s always up to you. This section includes common academic tests given to teenagers around the world.

Interests and future goals

Interests and future goals is where you list things you love to do that go beyond your experiences. 

The more you add, the more opportunities and connections you’ll be able to discover on the platform.

my spikeview - interests, future goals, skills, certifications

Skills and certification

Skills and certifications demonstrate your level of commitment, so include what you can.


Recommendations are the most overlooked opportunity among high schoolers. Take the time to reach out to teachers, coaches, mentors, or friends of the family. They’ll jump at the opportunity to help you stand out.

Social links

Connect your social media links and other websites. Remember, spikeview is your central hub, so this will make it easy for people to follow your online footsteps.

Share your spikeview link

Now that you’re all set up, it’s time to share your talent with the world! Go to your profile. Under your photo, click or tap the Share Profile button to generate a custom link.

This is the link you’ll share with advisors, add to college applications, and email potential employers. You can choose a linear or presentation view. Be sure the expiration is set to meet your needs, so the link doesn’t expire too quickly.

As you review your content, choose what to include and what to keep private. Click the checkboxes to toggle back and forth.

Make sure to keep adding experiences so you can grow your profile during high school, college, and beyond!