Time management tips for high school students

September 21, 2022

You’re in the groove of a new school year, and it’s a busy time whether you’re a freshman or senior. Of course each grade brings its own pressures, but your schedule will feel jam packed! School clubs, intramural sports, part-time jobs, band practice, volunteering, homework!… and just hanging out with friends. 

Some people think of time management as squeezing the fun out of a day by regimenting everything. But that’s far from the truth. Managing your time is like using a calendar as it was intended. There are only so many hours in a day or week, and you’ve got a bunch of things you’d like to get done. 

So to help you get to the fun stuff, here are some tips for scheduling your time during high school.

Have a plan!

You never know how much time you really have until you start to use it. High school junior Yana Savitsky shares how the Pomodoro method changed the way she thinks and acts towards her work, allowing her to make the most of her time and achieve her goals. 

You might not use the same method as Yana, but you’ll benefit from sticking to a plan.

Have a schedule!

Ok, maybe that sounds redundant, but so many teens just whisk through the week wondering why they didn’t finish tasks. Sound familiar? 

In this video, Emily has some helpful pointers about using Google Calendar to be more efficient.

Study smarter, not harder!

Annie Long went through what so many other high schoolers have experienced: a routine of stressful days, all-night study sessions, and eventual exhaustion. 

There are proven ways to do well in class without crushing your mind and body. Check out her story and advice below.

Don’t overbook yourself!

Enjoy your high school years by leaving some breathing room in your schedule. Tram Ngo is a recent high school graduate. She understands how hectic high school can get, especially with the college application process, standardized tests, and packed schedule of activities.

Check out her advice below.

How are you investing your time?

What’s filling up your days and weeks? Let us know if you need any help adding high school experiences in your spikeview portfolio!