Tips for homeschool students applying to college [2022]

August 17, 2022

The number of homeschool students doubled from March 2020 to March 2021, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That’s phenomenal growth. Many homeschoolers will choose to pursue college degrees, so it’s worth offering some tips for those applications.

Homeschool student applying to college? This is for you!

College admissions officers want to know about your intellectual vitality, unique experiences, and how your education will impact the world. That suits you well, because your educational experience already sets you apart from the crowd.

Yale, Princeton, and MIT are a few prestigious universities that have special admissions pages for homeschoolers. Studies consistently report homeschoolers scoring higher on tests and graduating college at a higher rate than public or private school students, so apply with confidence!

homeschooled students are in a great spot to stand out


Traditional schools easily provide transcripts, but this will be different for you. Colleges need to know how you performed and what you studied, so detailed course descriptions might be necessary.


Your parents or guardians can issue a diploma once you’ve finished the minimum coursework. Some homeschoolers take the GED exam, but most states have other ways to demonstrate you’ve passed the threshold for graduating.

Recommendation letters

Did you audit biology class at the community college? Ask the teacher for a letter. Did your project-based learning include organizing a fundraiser for a local nonprofit? Ask the executive director for a letter. Did you tutor other students? Ask their parents for a letter.

Demonstrate what you’ve learned

Use your spikeview portfolio to wow the admissions office. As a homeschooler, you’ve already got some life experiences that are unique. Put those into words and include pictures and videos to make your personal story even more compelling. 

Creative extracurriculars

It’s fine if you weren’t part of a traditional school club or sports team. The backyard farm, online business selling graphic design services, 4-day school week schedule, building decks as an apprentice, overseas trips, and so on. Think of what you can include that others can’t. 

What about scholarships for homeschoolers?

Most colleges offer a scholarship program for enrolled students and students who received home education and are encouraging homeschoolers looking to further their education at an accredited university and be involved in a college community.

Check out the Scholarship Institute for loads of options!