CALLING ALL STUDENTS…what’s your spikeview? Share your portfolios publicly, get access to cool opportunities

December 23, 2020

So, I’ve recently discovered spikeview and just yesterday met the impressive team of student interns and ambassadors at spikeview. Wow. spikeview, the only student portfolio platform dedicated to teens and young adults as they curate their stories for their own personal and early professional growth, embraced this group feedback with the latest release. This global group of high school students is helping to create a tool for ambitious teens to own their narrative, tell their story, and share their nascent brand with those that can help get them to where they want to be next.

And, I love that spikeview is not another social media platform – this app is where a teen can share their whole authentic self from academics to sports to work to fun. There’s nothing else like it!

What began as a closed platform for students to create a visual portfolio of their experiences and accomplishments in the form of a personal “spikeview” and make connections with peers, the new release empowers students to take advantage of 1-to-1 conversations amongst their connections and now 1-to-many so that potential employers, program administrators, colleges, recruiters and more can access a student’s spikeview as opportunities make sense.

Ekta Sahasi, spikeview founder, has spearheaded the new release with student privacy and security as the #1 priority with approval safeguards in place. For example, before a community member’s post is shared with spikeview’s global community, spikeview administrators will review and approve postings.

So what’s in this December 22nd release?

MORE FUN!  Students can earn reward points with every active contribution and move up levels from bronze to silver to gold. An ever-present leaderboard showcases active members who are engaged contributors and participating in global conversations. And, yes, potential employers and colleges can see this as well!

ENHANCED NOTIFICATIONS.Groups are plentiful on spikeview and now students are notified of activity in real-time if they opt-in.

INVITATIONS. Students can grow their community by inviting their friends, classmates, mentors, or advisors with referral codes to share via apps like Instagram, whatsapp, and messenger – and earn points!

spikeview PROFILE SHARING. Your personal spikeview is cool and it deserves to be shared. Students who are looking for an internship, college connection, or program participation can now publicly share your spikeview either within the app or with a link – easy!

Are you a student that wants to stand out from your peers? A student-athlete hoping to be noticed by recruiters? A parent with a student who could use help crafting their profile and story? Or are you an educator that is priming high school students for life after graduation?

If so, welcome to spikeview.