Hiring teenage interns doesn’t need to be a gamble

June 7, 2021

Companies throw away money every spring when they recruit teenagers for internships. Hiring managers, you don’t need to gamble!

Each new job listing brings hundreds of resumes. Each resume crammed full of stuff that hiring managers don’t care about. According to Glassdoor, companies spend $4,000 to hire one new employee. Assuming a pay rate of $15 per hour, that’s like spending a full month of full-time intern pay before the teenager starts working.

Imagine if your first contact with job applicants was a portfolio that demonstrated the type of person they are to work with and what others have to say about them. That’d be an HR dream come true!

Employers can transform their hiring process. Rather than spending precious resources in the hopes that one of the hundreds of applicants pans out, hiring managers can use spikeview to get to know the person behind the paperwork.

Everything you need to know about the person behind the paperwork is all in one easy spot. Ask candidates for their spikeview link.

Youth unemployment doubled last year. High school and college students have been forced to live online, including social interactions like interviewing for a summer job. The sense of urgency to find work has ramped up, which led students to flood the job market.

Employers are spending extraordinary time sifting through cookiecutter resumes and form letters. It’s hard work finding the best-fit employees.

Seaside Sustainability was spending hours going through 45 resumes for every one person they hired. Seaside’s mission is to protect and restore our oceans through education and action. They work with schools, cities and towns, environmental groups, technology companies, and individuals.

Seaside found spikeview as the solution to finding best-fit internship candidates. They review each person’s spikeview to learn about a candidate’s interests, experiences, achievements, and more in an interactive portfolio format. Hobbies, interests, awards – presented in a variety of storytelling formats.

“Internships are more competitive than ever. We need to replace the resume with something that helps us understand the person behind the paperwork. We’re encouraging interns to create a spikeview profile. It makes their job easy – illustrate who they are and what excites them. And it makes our job easy – identify the best candidates for our organization.”

Eric Magers, Executive Director, Seaside Sustainability

A study by LinkedIn showed over 90% of hiring managers care most about soft skills that can’t be demonstrated on a resume. Read that sentence again. Companies are spending time and money sorting through resumes, even though resumes don’t make a difference.

If you’re hiring interns, you don’t need to keep scouring the internet to learn about job candidates. How they behave, what others say about them, and so on. Just ask teens to share their spikeview link. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you get to know the job candidates.

The only question left to answer is how are you going to spend that $4,000 you just saved the company?!