Stop using resume templates and start doing this

June 9, 2021

Career advisors tell you to expect to spend 6-8 hours writing and editing a resume. That’s not a CEO-level time investment, that’s the expectation for an entry level job applicant.

After you spend the time to make your resume as best as it can be, guess how long the hiring manager will spend reading it. 6 to 8 seconds!

For all your effort to be noticed and score an interview, your PDF gets a few blinks of the eye and they’re on to the next applicant. Here’s the tragedy of the resume review process: employers are looking for information that isn’t on your resume.

The resume has one purpose: get you an interview. Based on a one-page PDF, an employer will label a job applicant as No or Maybe. High school students across the world are searching for resume templates and tips that’ll help get them noticed, but in the end, teens are fighting just to hear a Maybe.

Stop using resume templates. The resume is killing your ability to stand out from the crowd.

There’s hope, and you can start skipping employment lines immediately with spikeview.

This online platform was created by a mother of teens, after she worked many years in the corporate world. She created spikeview to give her kids – and you – an alternative to the status quo resume. Stop spending 6-8 hours hoping for a Maybe delivered to your inbox. Start spending a few minutes curating a portfolio that gives employers exactly what they want to know.

Employers and hiring managers want to know who you are. That includes soft skills like the following:

  1. Emotional intelligence.
  2. Curiosity and desire to learn.
  3. Vision to see the big picture.
  4. Communication style.
  5. Time management.
  6. Positive attitude.
  7. Performance under pressure.

Use spikeview’s key features to add pictures and certificates to support your experiences.

“Hobbies and interests” is one of the first sections discarded from resumes because it looks cheap as a list of bullet points. But this is part of your secret to skipping the lines of applicants submitting resumes. A portfolio not only demonstrates your influences and personal values, it also infuses your personality and soft skills in the hiring process.

The intuitive platform is set up to grow with you. All your experiences, from the mundane to the epic, cataloged online in a vault that you control.

After you set up your spikeview, take a look at the specialized groups that fit your interests. You’ll have an opportunity to network with the world. Connect with other students, employers, and mentors to maximize your potential.

Start using spikeview as an alternative to the resume, and start hearing Yes from employers.