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August 27, 2021

If you work in college admissions or recruiting, you know that identifying high school students that fit your institution is vital. Recruiter staffing, print marketing, digital marketing, and special events are substantial budget line items. It’s more important than ever to show a strong return on your investment. 

High school students are bombarded with education options, and it’s harder than ever to get their attention. Even worse, it’s nearly impossible to determine if candidates are the right match without time-consuming research on your part.

But here’s some good news: high school students and their parents want to develop relationships at colleges before committing. They want to get to know you, just as you want to get to know them. That type of connection would be a tremendous help to your evaluation process.

This is precisely why colleges are asking applicants to include a link to their spikeview. 

spikeview gives access to a student's full narrative, corroborate student's activities, improves admissions efficiency without costly integrations

The spikeview platform gives you a clear picture of a student and forms the foundation for engagement during the recruiting process. The key feature is a comprehensive portfolio that helps you be more efficient with recruitment, marketing, and admissions.

  1. Access a student’s full narrative with one click. Students incorporate reflections and recommendations to give evidence of their skills in a way that applications or essays never will.
  2. Easily corroborate activities and experiences. Students link social media and personal websites to their spikeview, saving your office valuable time searching the internet to learn their personal story.
  3. Improve efficiency without costly integrations

For college admissions staff, spikeview means building a relationship early in the recruiting process.

It’s easy to get started. There’s nothing for colleges to purchase or integrate. High school students simply email you a link to their spikeview, which serves as their personal online hub. They can also include a spikeview link in the college application. 

Get to know students on a deeper level before spending thousands of dollars in marketing and research. Use spikeview to get the most out of your recruiting efforts. You can now identify your right-fit students early, and demonstrate a high return on investment with your school’s expenses.

all you need is one click to a student's comprehensive portfolio

It’s free to roll out to your school. Send a note to to learn more or to set up a free workshop for your office.