Tips for making a great first impression with your performing arts portfolio

April 28, 2022

Use your portfolio to make a great first impression

You’re a violinist, applying for a spot as a chamber musician. You create a portfolio that’s missing a video of you playing the violin. Guess what? They’re going to select someone else. 

Musicians, dancers, makeup artists, actors… everyone dreaming of work in the performing arts industry needs a portfolio. But it’s not enough just to have a portfolio. You need that digital page to stand out from all the other resumes and portfolios. It’s a competitive world, but you can do this!

For starters, who better to get some advice from than a designer? Maddy Beard shares content about user-friendly technology, and here she talks about how a portfolio can make a powerful asset.

3 ways to guarantee the crowd cheers for your performing arts portfolio 

(1) Track your achievements

The deans from prestigious university music and vocal programs answer two vital questions. Everything comes back to a foundation of tracking the student journey. 

  1. What are the top factors taken into account during the university music program / conservatory application screening process?  
  2. What makes a student’s portfolio stand out?

(2) Demonstrate your achievements

Too many people think a list of achievements is enough. That’s a guaranteed way to blend in. The tips in this video are from a dancer, but her advice can easily be applied to any performing arts pursuit. 

(3) Learn from other students and young professionals

This panel discussion is a great start. Lecturers from dance, music, and theater offer tips about starting a performing arts career. Apply what you learn to your portfolio. Better yet, reach out to the panelists – the internet is amazing!

How’s your portfolio looking?

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