Why I love using spikeview? Let’s build our community!

July 31, 2020

As a high school student, I now know how important it is to have access to building a portfolio as well as connections at a young age. However, a lot of people are unaware of the benefits this brings. ‘Worry about that when you are in college, or when you’re looking for jobs’, right?

That could not be more wrong. Many professionals can tell you how important it is to get a headstart at a young age when it comes to creating your portfolio, a network, and learning to collaborate. spikeview offers me all of this, and much more. From a personal experience, I understand how intimidating this can be for students who are new to the idea, however spikeview has made it easier than ever. Here are all the ways I find spikeview awesome as a student, and why I strongly suggest that every middle and high school student create their own spikeview profile.

Present a Strong and Accurate Portfolio

Why build a portfolio anyways? Because your portfolio represents who you are, and what you do. If you want to gain recognition, or apply to internships, you need to be able to provide an accurate and engaging summary  of your skills and experiences. spikeview is created to help you stand out and tell your story. It is much nicer and far more engaging than having a traditional paper based resume. Not to mention, the process to create a portfolio with all your experiences is really quick and simple. You can check out  some of the community portfolios at the spikeview website @ Teen Stories & Portfolios.

There is also a very helpful visual chart to showcase a summary of your portfolio in one image, “your spikes”. I find this feature to be one of my favorites as it’s a great representation of my interests and passions.  Another feature I love is the ability to customize the view of the portfolio with a few clicks  to share exactly what I want. As an example, if you are applying to an internship to help build computers, sending your spikeview custom portfolio that shows your interest in that area, or your ability to do hands on work would be a great way to represent who you are and how you would be a good fit for the opportunity. However, if the portfolio consists of two computer building camps and a baking class you took, you can filter out the baking class so they only see the experiences speaking to the position. I find that this is one of many ways a spikeview portfolio really comes in handy and saves me so much time. I document all my experiences over time and pick and choose what I want to share.  I also love that there is a way to ask and display recommendations from others and that spikeview recommends interesting articles for me to easily keep up with topics I enjoy following. This is such a fantastic way to capture my journey, the things I want to remember no matter how big or small, personal or professional.

Virtual Involvement is a Fun Way to Get Connected

We are a generation of technology and media. I feel that I enjoy using spikeview because it shares many traits of the social media we are already so used to such as a feed of posts or news adapted to my interests.. On spikeview you can connect with others that share your interests, goals, ideas, and passions from different places all around the world, or just in your community! Creating connections or relationships with your peers, teachers, leaders, and people involved in your potential career field is an amazing way to help students grow. I also find useful groups on spikeview created specifically to connect us with peers who share the same interests. You can also create your own public or private groups, and members of a group can share ideas through posts, as well as form relationships through others in a group. This can also be helpful if you are part of clubs or extracurriculars at school or want to start an online club  especially now with the COVID-19 pandemic. You can use a spikeview group so that the members can easily share ideas or posts with the whole team and easily collaborate! Creating groups is a fun way to get involved, share, and meet new people. Most importantly, it is a safe non-toxic environment.

Tailored for Middle and High School Students

spikeview was created for our young-student population, targeted at ages around 13 to 17. Because of this, spikeview takes extra measures on privacy. It is great to know that  information entered into spikeview will not be out on the internet. Many of us are on social media, but that is not a full representation of who we are. Given the privacy and safety this platform offers, I feel very confident to share my personal experiences, hobbies,  and even test scores freely knowing that unless I choose to share, my data will not be disclosed. My parents are also cool about me being on this give their privacy promise. 

Helps Me To Be Confident, and is Great College Preparation!

When using spikeview, applying to any internships or other programs I hope to get, is not a stressful experience. All the data is there, and all I have to do is filter a few things out to customize the view and apply. I have confidence when applying because spikeview shows a true representation of who I am and gives me the chance to really put my best foot forward. spikeview helps me to stand out through my professional looking portfolio. It’s also a great tool to help prepare for colleges especially since you can track all your experiences that you would otherwise forget and incorporate them in discussions with your college counselor or in your application essays. It’s simply been an amazing tool for me!

spikeview contains everything I could need in a platform to learn, grow, thrive, and safely present myself as a high school student. I love using it, and all the benefits it provides me in getting a headstart! Checkout spikeview and be part of something fresh and new!

Author: Farrah Juhlin