Internships are gaining popularity during high school years

November 2, 2022

The word is out – high school internships are a big deal!

College and career counselors regularly implore high school students to pursue internships for a variety of reasons. US News & World Report just published an article about the range of benefits for students to begin finding internships during high school. Here are a couple of notable quotes:

They are goal-oriented rather than task-oriented. They provide a test drive of a future opportunity.

Joe Nannini, University of Nevada–Reno

Through the internship experience, high schoolers gain the confidence to succeed in their chosen path.

Kevin Davis, First Workings

We couldn’t agree more. Students who take the time to test the waters of a career are getting a jumpstart in a competitive workforce. They also tend to be more focused and motivated.

Learning to code > folding clothes

Another important point brought out in the article is that the experience of typical retail jobs doesn’t begin to compare to the forward-looking experience gained through interning. 

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