The spikeview platform is a free tool for young people to catalog their life in a way that sets them up for success in college or careers. Our community of students, parents, educators, and partners are excited because spikeview helps identify fantastic opportunities that fit each student’s personal interests and goals.

As you go through school and into the workforce, responses to “Tell me about yourself” become more important. Coaches, colleges, employers – they all want to know what makes you tick. Your spikeview is an organized portfolio of interests and accomplishments designed to give you confident responses to that big question. Use your spikeview to track your growth, develop a network, and find amazing opportunities.



Create a portfolio of your experiences, accomplishments, passions, and more. Arts portfolio, sports portfolio, STEM project management, and music portfolios. Your spikeview sets you apart.



Share your portfolio to demonstrate who you are and what you’re capable of.



We don’t sell your personal data. You have total control on what parts of your spikeview to share or keep private.


Here are the spikeview basics:

(1) PROFILE & PORTFOLIO. This is spikeview’s central feature, and gives a young person the foundation they need for standing out.

(2) FEED. Opportunities and updates are customized for each person based on their profile.

(3) CONNECTIONS. Students need to start building a network of peers and mentors long before graduation.

(4) GROUPS. Collaborate on team projects, coordinate online clubs, and so much more.


Here’s why young people love using spikeview:

* Stand Out From The Crowd *

Personal branding isn’t just for musicians and artists. Everyone needs to be ready to talk about themselves in a memorable way. Stories sell. Thousands of seniors have had colleges reaching out to recruit them based on the strength of their online profiles. With a compelling profile on spikeview, you’ll feel like a star!


* Internship, Gig, or Job Search *

Browse opportunities in your activity feed on-the-go and never miss out on an opportunity.


* Make Stunning Job or College Applications *

Turn your experiences into visual stories that bring your portfolio to life. Add your spikeview link to job or college applications.


* Interest-based News Feed *

Stay on top of the latest news and conversations happening in areas you are most interested in or passionate about.


* Connect/Engage/Chat *

Send messages and get alerts from your connections.


* Lead and Collaborate *

Become a global influencer or create online clubs around areas you are deeply interested in.


* Networking with Purpose *

Reach out to teachers, coaches, advisors for industry connections, endorsements or recommendations. Reach out to industry and academic leaders for advice, mentorship, and research projects. Connect with coaches and program directors in sports, arts, and other areas that align to your interest.


* Social Networking *

Build a strong global collaborative community by connecting with friends, classmates, mentors, advisors. Share articles, opportunities, gigs, comments, and share knowledge with your network. Build an online club, become a global influencer, and engage with other like-minded people.


* Planning Life After High School *

Get discovered by your dream colleges for academics or sports. Discover pathways besides colleges, like apprenticeships and skills training programs.


Our community

Students use spikeview to catalog all the experiences that make them unique. It’s so much more than a portfolio!

High schools use spikeview to efficiently provide personalized guidance for career and college, and to support their capstone and CTE programs.

Colleges use spikeview in the application process to evaluate if students are the right fit for the school’s programs and mission. They also use the platform to market their programs to prospective students and to help drive higher enrollment conversion.

Employers use spikeview to as a replacement to resumes to get a more comprehensive view into applicants’ soft skills beyond just a list of previous jobs.

Parents use spikeview to encourage and empower their students to find the best possible opportunities.

The spikeview team is made up of Parents, Educators, College Counselors and Teens who are passionate about providing a powerful platform to teens around the globe. We know that you are unique and you want to represent yourself in your own way. We also know how important it is for you to have control over your data. After talking with thousands of students and parents, spikeview has been built from the ground up to address your needs. We are continuing to evolve based on the feedback from our community. So, keep your feedback coming.



You can also engage with us via the following programs:

  • Student Ambassador Program (in your school or community)
  • Student Internship Program
  • Parent Ambassador Program
  • Teacher/School Ambassador Program
  • Student Internship Program

To learn more and join, please email us at team@spikeview.com.



If you are looking to join a fast growing global startup, here are our current opening:

Did not find what you were looking for? We are growing fast and always looking for passionate team members. Reach out to us with your spikeview profile, your resume and cover letter at careers@spikeview.com


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