help your students find a mentor
March 16, 2022

Help students start their career path with a mentor

Help students start their career path with a mentor We’ve all seen inspirational stories of young people overcoming incredible odds. The feel-good stories capture hearts and …

edtech tools to try in 2022
March 15, 2022

Equip and empower students and educators in 2022 with these EdTech tools

Technology that improves teaching or learning is referred to as EdTech. It’s not necessarily a hardware or software solution created specifically for education, but it’s used …

5 ways to encourage students to stand out from the crowd
March 9, 2022

Strategies to help students establish an identity and stand out from the crowd

Here are some tips for educators to help students establish an identity and stand out from the crowd. How do you encourage teens to stand out …

teachers, students can track their own learning progress
February 16, 2022

Helping students track their learning

Do you ever find an old photo album at a family member’s house? “I forgot about that high school ski trip!”“My first recital, I was so …

get free money for your education
February 9, 2022

How do I get a college scholarship, and how much can I get?

$100 million in scholarship money goes unawarded each year, according to the National Scholarship Providers Association. The main reason will baffle you – not enough students …

business ideas for high school students teens
February 7, 2022

21 easy business ideas to start as a teenager

Online business has been a way of life for many young entrepreneurs for many years. But the last two years have seen opportunities skyrocket as remote …

high school internships are on the rise, are your students taking action
January 24, 2022

Internships are gaining popularity during high school years

The word is out – high school internships are a big deal! College and career counselors regularly implore high school students to pursue internships for a …

how to answer
January 10, 2022

How to answer “Tell me about yourself”

It’s completely normal to feel uncomfortable when someone says “Tell me about yourself.” From the days of kindergarten, we’re trained to conform with the masses. Talking …

advice for young entrepreneurs
January 3, 2022

Advice for young entrepreneurs

“I’m still in high school, but I want to be an entrepreneur!” There are undeniable appeals to being labeled an entrepreneur. Words like ambitious, smart, resourceful, …

athletes are on track to get paid
November 29, 2021

How does the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) ruling impact schools and athletes?

Football, baseball, badminton, and water polo What do they have in common? Paid athletes! By now athletic directors and student-athletes around the world are aware of …